smaller works - some for sale

Large scale commissions are challenging. Smaller works often provide the thinking and realisation process for them to materialise.

Some examples of Carole Vincent's small worksSo, in early work, Reunion, The Family, and Twelve Good Men and True, made possible the realisation of The Devon Pedestrians, Quartet, Colloquy and Les Jongleurs. And more recently, the 300mm cubes of Houmet Florains made possible La Citadelle, now at the Jersey Museum.

Conicoids 1-5 were the result of the BCA's request to make a small sculpture for presentation at the Berthold Lubetkin Memorial Lecture. The four small works that followed were similarly based on the interlocking parabolas of Lubetkin's penguin pool. The concrete pictures were an alternative to painting and necessarily are small for hanging.Still life in concrete - examples of Carole Vincent's small works

Othe small works - they can be manually lifted - are functional, providing pots, spheres, pyramids and cones. Carole has designed concrete tables, a garden bench and worktops for kitchens. The moulds for all these works are stored at Half Acre and similar pieces to those illustrated can be commissioned

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Carole was recently commissioned to do a seat in memoriam and it has been placed outside the little hospital in Alderney.

Memorial seat

Talking about his collaborative work in creating the bench, Alex Panter says:

"This bench "The Vonberg Bench" is the first collaboration between Carole
Vincent, the Boscastle sculptor and myself. It is a memorial bench which was
commissioned by a client in Alderney and designed by Carole. The bench ends
are made in concrete which has been coloured. Colouring concrete, which is a speciality of Carole's, is a very precise exercise, with the pigment, cement and aggregate being measured with great accuracy to ensure a constant colour and texture. Once the concrete has been mixed it is poured into a former and left to set. It is then removed and polished by Trebarwith Stone Works at Tintagel, before being lacquered. All the woodwork involved in the bench was produced by myself as was the former for the concrete. This bench is a substantial piece of outdoor furniture with a good solid feel and is comfortable to sit on." Alex can be seen at

The Vonberg Memorial Bench


Michael's seat at Ladies Window, Trevalga, Boscastle

Michael's seat at Ladies Window, Trevalga, Boscastle

small works on display

further examples of Carole's small works

Houmet Florains
Hounet florain 1


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